Handyman Services

We provide commercial handyman services for all types of business'.  However we specialize in the needs of restaurants/food service 

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Cutting Boards

High Quality, Custom size cutting boards available in thickness from 1/4" up to 1"

Available in 8 colors.  

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Epoxy Flooring

Non-slip Epoxy flooring is an excellent alternative to traditional quarry tile in commercial kitchens & food prep spaces.

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mystery guest inspections

"Restaurant Report Card" Restaurant Audits

We are an extra pair of eyes who see things from a customer’s point of view.

An audit of any restaurant is a very key element to success. Audits provide an unbiased scope of real issues at a particular location or a whole chain.  Many times there are things overlooked by staff, management all the way up to the owners.  The only person that sees everything that you wish they didn't see are your customers.   Items that can be addressed before a  customer notices are often seen as "the norm".  Unfortunately online review sites could quickly ruin a restaurants reputation based on what customers see during their visit.

 The purpose of an audit is to provide restaurant owners a report with all findings as we were the customer. Doing so allows a restaurant to make improvements in the outside appearance, inside appearance, food quality, and to check the attitude and operations of its employees. 

We have created a 200 point inspection.  Our mystery diner(s) come unannounced, perform a complete audit from exterior appearance, interior appearance, restrooms, food quality/presentation, staff from the  bus help all the way to the manager.

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Having an audit of your location(s)  is a pro-active approach to ensuring the customer has the most pleasant experience possible. 

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