benefits of epoxy flooring in commercial kitchens

Epoxy coatings are made up of a combination of resins and  hardeners. Once they are installed and cured they offer many benefits such as durability, strength and rigidity—epoxy can be used on floors for areas such as sports facilities, schools, hospitals, restaurant kitchens etc.

Advantages Of Epoxy Coating For Your Commercial Kitchen 

Slip Resistance

Commercial kitchens are synonymous with heavy traffic and agility. In the pursuit of quick service, spillages are common and become the reason for employee slip and falls. This can cause businesses thousands of dollars in raised insurance premiums, lawsuits and compensations. You can, however, save yourself these costs by choosing an epoxy coating for your kitchen floor. Epoxy resin is slip resistant and therefore, vital in preventing slip & fall accidents.

Ease Of Cleaning

It is crucial for restaurant owners to maintain cleanliness in their restaurants, especially in their kitchens. Tile floors in a commercial kitchen have grout which if not properly cleaned can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Failure to maintain a clean environment in your kitchen will lead to legal complications and penalties from the health department, ultimately leading to a potential closure.  Epoxy is liquid applied, one piece seamless, no grout and easy to clean and maintain. You can wash and scrub the surface with hot water frequently and that will not cause it to wear like other types of flooring.

Ease Of Maintenance

Commercial kitchen floors take a lot of abuse, every day. Often, the extent of daily wear leads to premature replacements increasing downtime and a loss of business.

Epoxy coatings are resistant to extreme temps, alkaline and acidic conditions. Their seamless structure makes them ideal for kitchen floors as they can withstand the day to day abuse without showing any signs of it. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Epoxy coatings are available in over 40 colors that you can choose from to complement the interior of your kitchen.  Custom color blends are available. Epoxy coatings give a glossy finish to the floor that increases the brightness of the room. 

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