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Why is replacing your cutting boards regularly is so important...

Each day, cutting boards are cut, gouged, exposed to extreme temps & treated with harsh chemicals. Knife cuts in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic cutting boards become a breeding ground for bacteria. Don't be fooled, washing & sanitizing WILL NOT keep boards completely clean & sanitized. 

What is a micron?

 A micron is a unit of measurement in the metric system specifically used for measuring particle size. Average Bacteria are one micron and a virus can range in size from one micron up to 17 millimicrons (1/1000th micron). Think of how many bacteria are embedded in knife cuts on your current cutting boards. Below is a diagram to show just how small a micron is in relation to other items.


*it takes only one food BORNE illness to ruin a reputation*

High Quality Cutting Boards Feature:


  • Harder Textured Finish on both sides
  • Specially Designed Texture Finish will Maximize Product Life 
  • Minimizes Wear on Knives
  • Easy to Clean
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Cleaning Fluids Wash Off Easily
  • Bright Natural Colors for Optimal Clean Appearance
  • Does Not Absorb Moisture, Odor, or Bacteria
  • Will Not Chip, Peel, or Crack
  • Able to Use at Low Temperatures — Freezer Applications
  • FDA, NSF & USDA Approved

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